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Private Label and Branding Services

Introducing The Element private label products requires a well-thought out strategy. Your products should be connected to the vision and mission of your spa business, whether it is a signature aroma or using packaging with the message consistent with your spa branding. A private label line needs to be based on the benefits of your spa.  Products will just sit on a shelf if your marketing plan isn’t formed, and your staff is uninspired. We help you make the best of promoting your private label line with training, marketing advice and branding collateral materials to achieve your sales goals.

Backed  by a professional esthetics team, our products support your commitment to providing superb skin and body care from our formulations that use natural colors and pure essential oil fragrances; and we never test on animals. We offer an extensive variety of outstanding products for retail and professional use, as well as fully custom-labeled sample and travel sizes. Whether your clients are dealing with rosacea, fine lines, breakouts or dryness, we have a complete range of spa products that will address their concerns.

The Element Spa Shop can satisfy the needs of even the most discerning skin or body care professional. From daily cleansers to professional exfoliants, repair to body wraps, aromatherapy oils to travel kits, we have what you need to create an impressive, full-range product line for face and body.

Packaging & Label Design
The overall visual appeal of your packaging and artwork are vital to it’s success. Our design team is expert in creating brand identities and logos, product positioning and naming. However, if you already have a logo we can adapt the design to fit our standard options.

Packaging Options
Privately branded versions of The Element products can be found at some of the nation’s day and resort spas, and have appeared in an extensive list of national publications.

Because our lines are manufactured for private branding, we prefer to send you our comprehensive product brochure and price list rather than list details here. Request More Information and one of our representatives will handle your request promptly.

Product Support & Training
We offer a number of ways for you to learn about our product line, both before and after you become a client. In addition to product knowledge, The Element Spa Shop offers training to refresh or answer any questions you may have about the products, and if you need our assistance in marketing. Contact us for more information and a schedule of upcoming classes.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you have a question that isn’t answered in the FAQ below, please contact us at sales@thelement.com.my

Are there Minimum Order Requirements?
We have minimum opening order requirement of 25kg per products (min 6 types of products) to help even the smallest business get started.

Can I purchase samples?
Yes. We support your growing business by offering a sample kit.

Can I select a pre-designed label?
Yes. Pre-designed label templates are available. Your company name and website address can be printed on these labels to provide your products a unique upscale image. We print full color on a high quality media that compliments your chosen packaging option. If you already have your own logo or label design, please see our requirements.

Can I add “bar codes” to my labels?
Yes. If you already have been registered and have a bar code, send your info with your purchase order.

Can I use my own artwork designs instead of your pre-designed labels?
Yes! We require a high resolution graphics file preferably InDesign, eps, ai, or pdf. We will provide you a full color proof for your approval. Once we receive your final approval, the turn around time for the first order is approximately 15-30 days. After initial first order and your information and label are set up in our system, turn around time for future orders is typically 10-15 days.

What if I need help with a logo?
If you do not have your own logo or label design, we will work with you to create a custom design that will help you position your own proprietary brand. Call us for more information.

How do you ship my order?
We use courier services, reliable, and cost affective method to ship your products. Freight is additional to the price of the products. We can give you a quote based on the size of your order.

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Master Card, and online payment with pre-approval. All orders require 50% to begin your order and the balance at the time of shipping. Exchanges, refunds or returns are accepted on any of our products if they are damaged or opened.

What kind of product testing to you do?
We source our raw ingredients from very ethical, well-respected labs. We do our testing on the ingredients–for sensitivity and effectiveness. Once we create the formulas we do in vivo testing on our team of volunteers–who have a variety of skin types, ethnicities, geographic locations, ages, etc. We gather that data and adjust formulation as needed to come up with a product that meets our goals. That process can take time, depending on the results of the tests.  Once that’s done, we begin microbiological testing of the product, ensuring its stability under temperature extremes, we do periodic tests of our control batches to ensure that over time product is remaining stable.

Do you test on animals?
We test our products on human volunteers, insteads of animals. In addition, we use vegetable-derived replacements for ingredients that are traditionally animal-based.

Because our lines are manufactured for private branding, we prefer to send you our comprehensive product brochure and price list rather than list details here.


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